An Acclaimed Series of Books for Young Readers

My Book House bridges the gap between the child's world and the adult world, providing wholesome and inspiring material to develop confidence and understanding. These highly regarded books can help you to guide your child to a successful maturity.

The first three volumes -- In The Nursery, Story Time and Up One Pair Of Stairs -- are "read-to" collections for the pre-school years. Through The Gate, Over The Hills and Through Fairy Halls are filled with "read-with" stories and poems suited to the early grades. The Magic Garden, Flying Sails, Treasure Chest, In Shining Armour, From The Tower Window and Halls of Fame provide a wealth of reading from grade four through junior high school, leading the older child into worlds of reality and worlds of imagination.

Here are just a few advantages provided by My Book House....

A My Book House story before bedtime relieves tension for child and parent. These calm and treasured moments influence a lifetime of close relationship.

The lessons of growing up are made easy, because they are kept in the child's own frame of reference. Learning experiences become guided, joyful adventures.

My Book House enables the child to meet those first days of school head-on, with confidence and assurance. Surveys show that My Book House children are stronger students.

Children are naturally imitative. The characters they learn to love will inspire them. And your own commitment to reading will serve as their model.

My Book House prepares for adolescence - helps develop clear-thinking young men and women and gives them a foundation to face tomorrow's world.

Parent Guides
There is no manual for raising children. But there are two very helpful guidebooks that are integral to the My Book House plan.

In Your Hands is designed to aid you in the most effective use of the graded stories and poetry comprising the complete plan of My Book House. This guide is based on years of research about parent-child relationships. It provides practical "know-how" for responsible parenthood.

Knowing the right thing to do at the right time will help prevent fear, uncertainty and emotional upsets in your and your child's day. Above all, it will prepare you to meet the puzzling phases of your child's development in ways that will secure happy cooperation and the results all parents seek. In Your Hands provides you with....

  • Expert information on child development issues
  • What schools expect of your child -- grade by grade
  • Year by year guide to your child's development
  • Home-school coordinating charts

Your Child's World is the book for busy parents. It brings together articles by today's leading specialists in child development with their advice on child guidance. Its specific approach to daily problems covers such topics as...

  • Creating the foundations of intelligence
  • Discovering your child's learning style
  • Developing vocabulary
  • Storybooks and toddlers
  • When both parents work
  • Coping with day care
  • Television and your child

A Comprehensive Approach to Learning Language
Road To Reading is a comprehensive early learning tool. It begins by introducing pre-reading skills such as small muscle control, large muscle control, hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, listening skills, verbal expression, sensory development, and the ability to follow directions. It then moves on to reading skills -- capital and lower case letters, short and long vowel sounds, simple sentences, sight words, rhyming words and sentences, digraphs, consonant blends, special letter combinations and multi-syllable words.

With more than 300 parent/child activities, Road To Reading is the comprehensive phonics-based reading program that makes reading fun. "Touch and Learn" cards provide positive reinforcement through the use of the "Magic Pen." Each card teaches a basic concept -- shapes, colors, numbers, lower case and capital letters and the sounds of the alphabet...PHONICS!

There are over 300 minutes of audio content all done in the voices of children and adults -- for instance, "This Old Man," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "ABC's" and "Twinkle Little Star." Researchers say the most important time for brain development is from just before birth through the first year. The more stimulation you provide during the first 12 months of life -- the more music, reading, talking, singing -- the more you are helping to maximize a child's development.

NOTE: Computers and Learning. Road To Reading is not a computer program, and for very good reason. Computers have become essential to our daily lives. But, as child development specialists have found, they are not always the best teaching tools for young children. Studies suggest that children who use computers too early have tested lower on basic skills like spelling, reading and pronunciation. Even social skills were a little behind.

The Family Resource Library
The United Educators, Inc. is committed to helping parents make learning at home a rich and successful experience. That is why we have supplemented My Book House and Road To Reading with an extensive library of resources for the entire family.

Child Horizons
This series, prepared in consultation with teachers and specialists from the University of Chicago, National College of Education and other leading institutions, is designed to assist with the challenges of parenting. Its four volumes include: Words To Know, teaching 1,200 words that help children prepare for their reading readiness tests; Questions Children Ask, providing a resource that helps answer the questions most often asked by young children; Things To Make And Do, with hundreds of activities to enliven your day; and Guideposts For Parents, offering support in helping parents deal with the issues that most concern young people, including self-esteem, peer pressure and drugs.

The New Science Library
These six lavishly illustrated volumes written for young readers provide information and activities that help children learn by doing. This science reference explores the following topics: Universe and Space; Earth and Its Living Resources; Living Things; Matter and Materials; Forces and Energy; Electricity, Magnetism and Light.

The New Standard Encyclopedia
The 20 volumes of this internationally acclaimed reference set are written in language appropriate to the most likely readers’ level of understanding. It is designed to provide everyone in the family with comprehensive information on almost every subject.

In addition to these, the Family Resource Library also includes a four-volume source of medical and health information and a complete family dictionary.

What Parents Say
"I have been looking for a supplemental in-home program for my two grade-school children. Your books were just what I was looking for! The Road to Reading is wonderful for quiet time together with my kindergarten age child and the New Science Library fits the needs for my fourth grader who is so interested in experiments & discovery. My Book House Collection is a treasure that will stay in our family to be passed down through the generations. The encyclopedias are a wonderful source of knowledge and reference. I don’t know what we did without them previously. I sincerely recommend this outstanding book series to everyone with children of all ages. Thank you for this outstanding program. "Robyn Parks

"Our daughter has been benefiting from the My Book House collection for a little more than a year now. She is 16 months old at present. She loves to be read to and knows that these are her books; she will bring them to us, lay the book in our hands then crawl into our lap. She is learning to identify things so quickly and is repeating many rhymes. Her favorite is The Barnyard. We enjoy learning the history of the rhymes and stories from the footnotes. What she is learning is worth far more than what we paid for the collection!...Thank you so much, we feel that you have given us a great gift."Paul & Michelle Garcia, Ontario, California

"My 2 1/2 year old and the baby are thoroughly enjoying the Road To Reading and they especially like Vol. 1, Nursery Rhymes, of the My Book House Collection. I would sincerely recommend this learning library to any person who is concerned about the education of their children." Katrina Subh, Yuba City, California

"Our girls are both in home reading programs at school. This requires them to read every evening...The wealth of literature and information contained in this assortment of learning materials is impressive. The parent information books are very helpful in discovering how our children learn and what to expect from them at each level of learning. We particularly like the way the whole system progresses along with the child...At long last something that helps the child and parent through the learning process."Mr. and Mrs. Gauthier, Calgary, Alberta

"Our son has a time before bed when either his father or I read to him to help him relax for the night. He loves the pictures and the rhymes. We even find him picking up packages and papers and looking at them like he is reading. That makes us sure we did the right thing."Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bobula, Burlington, Wisconsin

"As parents of two sons (2 ½ years old and 1 month old) we are thrilled with our ‘ROAD to READING’ materials that we purchased last year. The materials and the way the program is organized exceeded our already high expectations...Everyone has commented on our son’s advanced verbal abilities, his love and respect for books, and general comprehension - we thank your program for helping our son be the best he can while having lots of fun, too."Laurel Martin, Austin, Texas

"...I have also used or just begun using the ROAD TO READING material on a regular basis with my 2 year old. It’s been great for helping me with ideas of how to interact & involve my child in various activities. We have read to our child ever since she was born & before, so it’s also been nice to have the MY BOOK HOUSE series to add to our collection of other things to read."Richelle Schaff, Loveland, Colorado

"The tapes and phonics instruction have been introduced to him and at just a few weeks short of two he recognizes and recites both letters and numbers, although not in order or entirely. I, myself, have turned to the medical references almost monthly. Education begins at home. It doesn’t stop with potty training and manners it only begins there. You have our sincere appreciation for a marvelous compilation of materials, enjoyed by all members of the family."Carrie Carmody Haynes, Tampa, Florida

"Our Son, who is 19 months old, will go and get the Nursery Rhymes book edition #1 and bring it to us to read to him. He really enjoys listening to us read to him. ...With the cassettes & games & stories & information we received through your company, our children will now have the world at their fingertips! Thank you so much for putting together an educational tool that children of all ages can learn from & grow while having lots of fun!"Mr. & Mrs. Brian Porter & "family," Naples, Florida

"We purchased the My Book House series approximately 11 months ago for our 2 and 4 year old daughters and have been delighted with the program. The My Book House series provides a wonderful collection of age appropriate stories that the girls truly enjoy. They look forward to spending 10-15 minutes a day learning colors, shapes and phonics and should be well prepared to start kindergarten. Most importantly the girls love to be read to. We feel that this program has been a wonderful investment in their future and will instill a lifelong love of reading. Thank you so much for the program." Mr. & Mrs. Russell Pascua, Arvada, Colorado